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Louie is a 3 year old Boykin Spaniel – he’s supposed to be a duck hunter, but I don’t duck hunt. He likes to hunt and kill Frisbees!

Photo by Chris Jenkins     Instagram @chrisjenkinsms 

Website is http://www.chris-jenkins.smugmug.com/

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Just Getting Started?

Just Getting Started?

Just Getting Started?

I've got some tips on how to pick the right disc and how to get your dog started with disc play.


Disc Care

Just Getting Started?

Just Getting Started?

Keep your disc dog happy and healthy with some disc care and safety tips.


Looking for Toys?

Just Getting Started?

Looking for Toys?

If man's best friend cannot live on frisbee discs alone...I gotcha covered!


"The Jawz disc is like a tire company inventing a 200,000 mile tire!"

Posted by Jeff Stanaway

"I just finished giving your SofFlite discs a good trial run. I am  amazed at how well they fly. Even more importantly, my dog Daniel, who  used to be tentative with his harder Frisbee discs, grabs the SofFlite  with gusto."

Review by Paul

 "I've tried almost every disc out there with my dog. This is the best  balance out there of durability, light weight, stability, feel, and it's  cheap! Wish I didn't wait this long to buy it. Right off the bat I was  throwing deep passes to my lab,and the hang time is amazing. Will be  back for more! "    Posted by Doug